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Cumberland Art Society offers a variety of classes and workshops in different art media. Our instructors are talented local artists who willingly share their knowledge with students at all levels of achievement — beginner to advanced. If you have been wanting to learn something new, develop your own skills, or share your learning experiences, plan on participating in a CAS class or workshop soon. Call the CAS office for class schedules, fees, and more information on how to join one of the classes — 931-526-2424.

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Fun with Watercolor classes

Claudia Spires teaches an inspiring and creative watercolor class that is suitable for watercolor students of all levels. Classes focus on color theory, composition, and application of the watercolor medium Fun with Watercolor groupusing various techniques. Students are encouraged to express themselves in their personal interpretation of the class project. Subjects range from seasonal landscapes to detailed still lifes and flowers.

Classes are informal, allowing the student freedom to develop their own style. Instruction is both group, with the Claudia demonstrating the particular technique under consideration at that fun with watercolor class point in the development of the painting, and individual as Claudia assists the individual student as needed to ensure that each person can master the subject.

Claudia Spires specializes in watercolor art, focusing on landscapes. She also enjoys painting animal portraits and flowers.

Painting with Colored Pencils

CAS colored pencil classColored pencil as a professional art medium that is growing in popularity. It is a medium that is easy to use without any messy clean-up, and is portable so it can be done anywhere. In this CAS class, instructor Ann Walper will take the Beverly Beal colored pencil classbeginning and intermediate student step-by-step through the process of creating realistic colored pencil paintings from photos—no drawing experience necessary (pre-drawn sketches will be provided for the student).

The student learns how to handle the colored pencil medium using layers of color, blending of colors, burnishing, and various techniques to build color depth, value, and luminosity. Equipment, such as different types of erasers, erasing shields, transfer paper, color blending mediums and techniques, and various paper types are discussed during the progression of the class. Learning to see and mix color to create life-like renderings in your artwork will also be covered in this class.

Beverly Beal colored pencil butterflyEach student is encouraged to express their personal vision of the class project (several projects will be worked on during the six weeks—homework is required to complete the projects). Subject matter is varied, including portraiture, landscapes, still-life subjects, and animal portraits. Class materials list is available at this link.


CALL CAS for Information about class availability — 931-526-2424

Learn Basic Pastels

Betsy working


Betsy Fox teaches basic soft pastels for the beginner to intermediate student. In this class, the student will learn to handle the soft pastel medium, learn to blend colors and produce a finished artwork in a variety of genre (landscape, portrait, still-life). Betsy as studied pastels for 25 years, and studied under Chris Koczwara, Professor of Fine Arts at Tennessee Tech University, and with portrait artist Daniel Greene.

Loosening Up with Acrylics

This unique and fun workshop explores the versatility and dynamics of acrylic paints, Loeb freestyle acrylicsemphasizing how to become more free and expressive in your work. If you like color and creativity but don't have much experience in painting, then acrylic paint is the medium for you to work in while using a loose style and experiencing the joy of artistic expression. Taught by Jack Loeb, the workshop instructs on materials and supplies, gives a quick overview of basic of painting techniques, presents new ideas for loosening up your work, and suggests ideas on how to incorporate collage materials into you work. Jack's exciting workshops explore the versatility and dynamics of acrylic paints with a special emphasis on collage materials, exploring how to become freer and more expressive in your work. If you like to work with collage materials and bold color, this is the class for you. Class materials list is available at this link (PDF).

Jack Loeb is a retired art educator with over 37 years of experience teaching elementary through college level art. He has a MA Degree from the University of Northern Iowa, additional classes at the University of Iowa and Minnesota. He has taken many workshops in watercolor and acrylic painting. Jack was also an Arts and Crafts Director for the U.S. Air Force at Lajes in the Azores and for the U.S. Army at Mannheim, Germany. Now retired, he works daily in his studio in Smithville, Tennessee.

CALL CAS for Information about class availability — 931-526-2424

Old Masters oil painting classes

Old Masters class melonDo you marvel over the work of artists such as Rembrandt van Rijn, Johannes Vermeer, Diego Velazquez, Peter Paul Rubens? Have you ever aspired to create work in this style, but didn't know where to begin? Old masters student paintingThen this class is for you. Agnes Fuss takes her students through the entire process in creating a finished work of fine art, by copying the works of the old masters. Copying older fine art works has been an accepted technique in art schools for hundreds of years. The student is instructed in the actual techniques used by these old masters in canvas preparation; creating the sketch on the canvas; defining values by underpainting first in an monotone umber wash, and then in a grisaille layer of grey tones from black to white. To complete the painting, full colors are executed over the grisaille layer with particular attention to detail. The class is open to anyone, beginner to advanced, who wants to learn this style of painting.

Agnes Fuss attended business school at the College of Our Lady of Mercy before attending art classes at Kennesaw State College in Georgia. While in Georgia, Agnes was introduced to the old master's style of oil painting when she studied under Chris Didomizio. She has also taken color workshops under Daniel Greene.

Below are examples of the steps the student learns in this class that are essential to the old master's technique of oil painting. On the far left is Johannes Vermeer's original of "The Lacemaker" (9 5/8" x 8 1/4"; 1669-1670; Musee du Louvre, Paris). On the far right is the student's completed copy. From left to right, the center images show the (1) detailed working drawing, (2) the burnt umber value study, and (3) grisaille underpainting. Each step is a completed work in its own right.

Old Masters class staging

Oil Painting, Gary Jenkins style

Larry Vaden class studentThis popular class is taught by Larry Vaden who has more than 600 hours of instruction taken directly from Gary Jenkins, and has been a certified Gary Jenkins instructor since 1993. A native of Monterey, Tennessee, Larry has also studied under California floral and scenery artists Mary Carole and Bill Blackman. Larry teaches primarily florals in his classes using the "wet into wet" technique of oil painting.

Larry has had the privilege of exhibiting his art at the prestigious invitation only charity show at the Saddle-Up Club in Nashville, Tennessee. He has also had benefit Larry Vaden class studentshows for Vanderbilt University's stroke center and alumni association. Over the years, Larry has won numerous blue ribbons and Best of Show awards for his entries in the Tennessee State Fair, and other area art exhibits.

In his two day classes at the CAS, Larry provides the working sketch for the art piece and complete instruction to produce a finished painting. Students are given detailed step-by-step instruction and are assisted to learn the unique Jenkins brush techniques which produce the characteristic elements of this painting style. There are also Jenkins brand paints and brushes available for the first-time student to purchase. If you have never painted in oils and would like to learn, this is a good class to get you started.

CALL CAS for Information about class availability — 931-526-2424

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